Mahlon Stacye

Maria Garland, daughter of Thomas Garland (c 1536 - 1609) and Maria Beighton (d 1614), married John Fullwood of Eastwood, Nottinghamshire.

Their daughter Mary Fullwood (d 1683 in Handsworth) married John Stacye (1598 - 1658) at Handsworth in 1618.

John and Mary's son, Mahlon Stacye was baptised on 1 July 1638 in St Mary's Church, Handsworth. Ballifield Hall in Handsworth had been the home of the Stacye family, who were Quakers, for centuries. Some members of the Stacye family are buried in a private Quaker graveyard at Cinder Hill in Handsworth. The seventeenth century, and particularly during Cromwell's parliamentary rule, was a time of persecution of Quakers who were thought to be extremists.

In the 1678, Mahlon with his wife Rebecca Ely whom he had married at Clowne, Derbyshire in 1668, emigrated to America to escape persecution. He built a home near the River Delaware in the settlement which became Trenton, New Jersey. Mahlon founded the first church in Trenton.

He died in 1704, leaving his wife and two children, Rebecca and Elizabeth.

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