Toulson of London

Margaret Toulson was born 7 August 1900 at 7 Warrington Place in Blackwall, daughter of Alfred Toulson and Margaret Gambleton.

Warrington Place was built c1857 by Morris & Son of Limehouse as part of a development started in 1810 on the former ropegrounds of the East India Company's shipbuilding yard at Blackwall Yard dating from the 17th century. Most of the housing in this development was cleared in the 1890s to make way for the approaches to the new Blackwall Tunnel, although Warrington Place is listed in the 1911 census (houses of 4 rooms).

Margaret married John Skinner (born 16/10/1899)  in 1920 at Poplar. In the second world war she worked as a retort stoker at the gasworks. They had at least thirteen children, John died in 1975 in Littlehampton, Margaret in 1976, in Herne Bay.



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