Elizabeth Garland of Scotland Yard

For all that Elizabeth Garland lived amongst the aristocracy, not a great deal is known about her.

She was born about 1687, the daughter of John Garland and Elizabeth Clayton. John was a pensioner at St John's College, Cambridge, and was admitted to Grays Inn in 1658. His first wife, Mary Bradshaw had died in 1681.

Elizabeth Clayton originated from Whitwell in Derbyshire, and it would seem that when she died in 1735, her daughter Elizabeth inherited her lands. She also inherited from her great friend,  Hannah Lowther, the tenure of the Lordship of the Manor of Eckington. In addition to this legacy  and what came to her from her parents she inherited from her mother's family the estate of Clowne which came to her on the death of her cousin, Vauham Clayton. It is not clear how Elizabeth came to be established in London as part of the royal household, but she was known to be associated with Lady Frecheville, Baroness of Staveley, who was a Lady of the Bedchamber to Queen Anne. There must have been a strong bond between them as she asked in her will (1763) to be buried in the same vault in St George's Chapel, Windsor Castle, more than 50 years after Lady Frecheville's death. She shares a memorial in the chapel with Hannah Lowther, who was a Maid of Honour to both Queen Mary and Queen Anne1.

There was speculation that Elizabeth may also have been a Maid of Honour, possibly to Queen Caroline, wife of George II, but this has yet to be proven. What is clear is that she lived in the royal household in Scotland Yard, which was at the time one of the surviving parts of the Palace of Whitehall, as shown in this 17th century plan - most of the Palace was destroyed by fire in 1689 and could not afford to be rebuilt, but clearly some parts were still habitable.

In her will, she left "all her lands at or near Loxley and Wadsley in parish of Ecclesfield to John Garland of Simpson Fold, Leeds, clothier & cloth dresser", also  a broach containing the "Hair of Queen Anne" to the Duchess of Queensberry "in recognition of her unfailing kindness toward me" 2

She did not marry, and at the time of her will, her nearest relative was John Garland (1722 - 1810) her first cousin, twice removed.

She died in 1780 and was buried in the vault in St George's Chapel as she desired in her will.




1    The Monuments of St George's Chapel, Windsor Castle", ed Shelagh Bond, Windsor 1958

2    Acknowlegements to Donald Utley

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